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Single Meal Deal

All Season Dining*

$13.95 + tax $79.95 + tax
Enjoy an entree, side, and a fountain drink all for one low price with the Single Meal Deal! Season Passholders can add All Season Dining and enjoy lunch and dinner every visit!

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Dining Plans2017 Dining Plan Locations and Menu Items

(Menu items subject to change)

Sharky's Bar and Grill

  • Calypso Chicken Club Combo with Chips
  • Aloha Burger Combo with Chips
  • Cheddar Beach Burger Combo with Chips
  • Hot Dog Combo with Chips

Burger, Burger

  • Paradise Pulled Pork Combo
  • Calypso Chicken Club with Fries
  • Aloha Burger Combo with Fries
  • Cheddar Beach Burger Combo with Fries
  • Hot Dog Combo with Fries
  • Chicken Finger Combo with Fries
  • Pogo Combo with Fries

Pizza, Pizza

  • Pepperoni Slice and Chips
  • Cheese Slice and Chips
  • Vegetarian Slice and Chips

Island Food Court

  • Large Poutine
  • Spring Rolls

Dining Plan FAQs

Are drinks included with the Dining Plans?

The Single Meal Deal includes a fountain drink.

The All Season Dining Plan does not include a drink, but you may consider buying a Souvenir Bottle online or at the park. With a Souvenir Bottle, you can enjoy free refills all day long on your first visit and $1.50 (taxes included) refills for the rest of the season. Or, get unlimited free refills all season long with the All Season Souvenir bottle. Enjoy refreshing Pepsi beverages including Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Brisk Iced Tea, 7Up, Mountain Dew, Mugs Root Beer or Orange Crush. The choice is yours!

Where can I purchase the Dining Plan(s)?

Single Meal Deal: May only be purchased online.

All Season Dining: Add the All Season Dining Plan onto your Season Pass. 2017 All Season Dining includes TWO MEALS at participating locations throughout the Park every time you visit.

*There is a four hour interval between meals